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CCSS Academic Vocabulary

Are you wondering where to begin to adopt the Common Core Vocabulary Standards? While there are many specific vocabulary standards clearly listed in the K-12 Language Strand, it's helpful and important to look at Academic Vocabulary from the big picture view. This session will unpack the Common Core Academic Vocabulary Shift by taking a closer look at the three targeted tiers of vocabulary. Join Susan Oxnevad as she explores some free and user friendly digital tools and effective instructional practices to support the necessary direct instruction of tier 2 and tier 3 words.

Professional Development Opportunities for 21st Century Educators

I have provided professional development for educators for more than 10 years to formal groups, through hands-on workshops and via webinars.  The common theme that drives all of these learning experiences is my passion for using technology as a tool for learning to support all learners. My preferred format for teaching is hands-on learning because I truly believe in providing learners with opportunities for constructive play, but I am realistic about the time demands of busy educators and appreciate and enjoy all training opportunities.
Sessions focus on designing and facilitating learning experiences that are driven by universal themes.
Hot Topics:
digital differentiation
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Digital Differentiation
Technology is a tool that can be used to help teachers facilitate learning experiences to address the diverse needs of all students. At its most basic level, digital tools can be used to help students find, understand and use information. When combined with student driven learning experiences that are fueled by essential questions and offer flexible learning paths, use of digital tools can break the learning barriers that exist in our classroom. This session will focus on pedagogy, digital tool and resources to design learning experiences that effectively incorporate digital differentiation.
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Cool Tools for Building Vocabulary
Experts agree, if given the opportunity to receive effective vocabulary instruction, most students can acquire vocabulary at rates that will improve their comprehension and also their chances for success in school. In this session we will focus on learning to use free and friendly digital tools to facilitate vocabulary acquisition for all learners. Hot topics include developing a toolkit of fast and friendly resources to support all learners, and digital tools to helps students construct knowledge about vocabulary.
collaboative learning
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Wikispaces for Collaborative Learning
In this session we will learn to use Wikispaces as a tool for collaborative learning across the room or across the world. Learn how to create a free wiki for education and use it as a virtual classroom for the 21st Century Learner.  Learn to facilitate and monitor virtual discussions, utilize built in tools to create and manage projects, use widgets to appeal to students’ unique learning styles  create templates to provide students with consistent formatting options. Examples of innovative collaborative wiki projects will be included throughout the session.
Google Docs
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Google Docs for Learning
GoogleDocs is a suite of MIcrosoft Office compatible documents that are collaborative, stored online and free to school districts. At first glance, it's easy to use the tools as a substitute for traditional Office tools, but a closer look reveals many powerful "outside of the box" uses for for teaching and learning. This session will introduce teachers to innovative ways to use Google Docs as efficient and effective tools for learning. Highlights include using a Google Form to create a self-grading quiz for immediate feedback, assessment and planning and using Google Presentation for multimedia supported project-based learning. Learn to leverage the power of Google Docs for teaching and learning.
digital classroom
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Design Your Digital Classroom
This hands-on session will focus on using free and user-friendly digital tools to create an engaging and collaborative learning environment that uses technology to support all learners and their unique learning styles. Internet safety and management issues will be addressed throughout this day as we explore a wide variety of digital tools and their practical uses while focusing on the 4 C’s; creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Hot topics will include The Flipped Classroom, Tools to Support Struggling Learners, 21st Century Research, Wild About Wiki’s for Collaboration, and Multimedia Mania. 
multimedia mania
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Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners - Multimedia Mania
Multimedia provides teachers with opportunities to design flexible learning experiences that meet the unique learning styles of students. In this session we will explore a variety of free and friendly digital tools that support multimedia and discover ways to use them to design engaging, student driven learning experiences. Hot topics include Wild About Wiki’s Glog On, Visual Literacy and 10 Minute Tech Tools for use right away. Examples, screencast tutorials, and digital resources will be provided for those who want to explore further. Learn about cool tools for multimedia to create engaging learning experiences for the 21st century learners in your classroom
21st century research
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21st Century Research
Technology has transformed the way we find and use information. Participants will learn to leverage technology to transform and streamline the traditional research process in order to meet the challenges of living and working in the 21st Century. Highlights include utilizing the hottest search engines for students, digital tools for simplifying and summarizing text, digital note-taking and much more. Beneficial for 
all life-long learners, this class will open the door to a whole new way of doing research.
tech to maximize instructional time
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Using Tech to Maximize Instructional Time
With limited instructional time, loads of content to uncover and varied comfort levels with technology, teachers may find implementing differentiated technology driven lessons to be overwhelming. If educators are going to effectively use technology as a tool for learning, than the learning focus has to be on the content, not the technology. In this session you will learn to use free and friendly digital tools to actually maximize instructional time. Highlights include using screencast video tutorials to provide students with built-in tech support, creating exit tickets for immediate feedback, and using technology as a tool for constructing knowledge instead of as an add on at the end of a unit of study. Learn how use tech as an efficient and effective tool to support all learners.
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Tools to Design Guided Differentiated Learning Experiences
Technology is a tool that can be used to help teachers facilitate learning experiences that address the diverse needs of all students by providing them with flexible learning paths, but supporting these types of learning environments can be challenging. Learn to efficiently and effectively manage a differentiated, student centered classroom by using push button tools to create guided learning activities that feature embedded multimedia at a variety of levels to help all students succeed. Highlights include Mentor Mob and Jog the Web.
cool tools to curate content
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Cool Tools to Curate Content
Content curation is one way to find and share useful knowledge efficiently. In this session we will focus on streamlining the information seeking process as we learn to use free and friendly digital tools to efficiently curate web content. Featuring push button tools that are easily installed and accessed in your browser’s toolbar, we will explore and discover resources for collecting, organizing and sharing web content at various levels of complexity and use. Hot tools include BagTheWeb, Pinterest, JogtheWeb, Scoop.It, Diigo and more. Learn how to curate your content and maximize the time you searching for useful information.